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Morro Bay January 20, 2016

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Now this is why I travel!

IMG_2807   HC me

Just a little trip to Morro Bay, Hearst Castle and Pinnacles. The Elephant Seals were birthing pups, and they squeal and whine for milk. The bulls are guarding their territories, but I didn’t see any true clashes.

e seals lots e seals


The weather waffled between sunny and warm to foggy and rainy. Most of the time it rained at night, and again I enjoyed the pitter patter on the roof. The surf on the breakwater was booming because of the storm. I am enjoying off season travel.

Morro waves   Morro sun

I gave a tour of my rig to a couple who were interested in the ATC. My friend reminded me I stalked people for years before buying my own, so I guess it is payback.

IMG_2809   IMG_2810

This trip I learned if I clip the front curtain to the thermostat it keeps just enough tension on the hook that I don’t have to squeeze my hand between the propane box and the front wall trying to get it on the Command hook. I also used the heater each night and there was a lot of condensation. So next trip I am going to bring my 40 year old Thermorest pad to use as a “headboard”. I was using my down jacket around my hand to keep it warm. But it got pretty wet.


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