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Subaru Outback traveling, ATC Bobcat on Tacoma in the past

About Me November 7, 2006

I taught K-6 for 34 years, and when I retired bought a 4×4 Toyota Tacoma and an ATC (All Terrain Camper) so I could travel in comfort. I am married, but my husband doesn’t like to travel much, so I go alone. I want to thank the friends I have made on the forums. They have been very helpful as I figured out how to do this. I love my rig, but it is a process. And I wanted to document that process and help others who are considering purchasing a similar vehicle.

After 4 years, my knee decided that climbing in and out of the camper was too challenging. So now I travel in a 2019 Subaru Outback.

I live in Sonora, Ca, near Yosemite.


One Response to “About Me”

  1. hopecstanton Says:

    Howdy Bseekin

    I did not know you have a BLOG…have enjoyed your contributions to WTW.

    I am sure we may be kindred spirits.

    Hope and David


    Nehalem, OR

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