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Portable shower contraption December 30, 2017

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shower1 copyshower7 copy

This isn’t specific to my Bobcat but Wander the West had a thread regarding showers, so I decided to record this for posterity. I have used the curtain system with the Bobcat to create an outdoor potty room at a music festival when I had company in the camper. I used carabiners and velcro to attach it to the roof latches of the Bobcat outside. But I can’t find pictures of that. Sorry. I rarely carry this as I find sponge baths to be sufficient in most cases. And as a side note, my goodness, have digital cameras improved in 15 years! Sorry these are blurry.

Many years ago, on a pop-up tent trailer forum there was a discussion of portable shower enclosures. So here is what I constructed at the time. It all fits in a box for travel purposes. They recommended a banjo fitting. No one around here knew what a banjo fitting was, but when I showed them the picture they kept saying the $24 “tank fitting” was the closest they could come. I bought it, and then later saw the faucet hole covers. At $2.49 they were very similar, but not quite as beefy. Since this isn’t a high pressure, permanent type of installation, I thought why not try? I drilled a small pilot hole, and then another bigger one, etc, until I had a decent sized hole for the water to drain through. One advantage is the shower hose fits directly on without adaptors. The tank fitting needed adaptors to get to a hose fitting, so I returned it. So the water that falls inside the Sterilite box can be drained through the faucet hole cover and a tube to the outside. (Tank fitting on left, faucet hole cover with hole drilled on right below)

shower2 copy

My next challenge was to hang a shower curtain without drilling into the ceiling. I played around with lots of different things, but here’s what I finally ended up with. I had 2 shock corded tent poles from a tent we no longer use (they are still undamaged, so can be put back if necessary). I built a frame of PVC larger than the bottom of the Sterilite box, with 12″ risers coming up from the corners (actually it’s a dog bed I made years ago, but…dual purpose, right?) Then I put 9 inches of doweling inside the risers to “raise” the tent poles to roof height. The seven segment tent poles go up three sections to the ceiling, bend 90 degrees, pass through 2 eyebolts on lid/curtain (one segment), bend 90 degrees down three segments back to the floor like a big inverted U shape. The lid of the Sterilite box has four holes drilled in the corners for the eye bolts. The shower curtain was gathered and sewn to a rectangular base of fabric about the size of the lid. From the inside of the lid put eye bolt, nut, washer, fabric (shower curtain right side out), plastic lid, washer, nut so that the practically smooth side (nut) is on the outside of the lid. Thread the tent poles through the eye bolts. When it is time to pack it up, flip the whole lid over so that everything fits in the box for travel. Another advantage, the whole thing can be moved outside to take advantage of the outdoor shower if we are in a secluded enough spot, although it is more wobbly if not wedged against the ceiling.

shower6 copyshower4 copyshower3 copy

We had onboard water so I used a water thief to create a shower device. My Bobcat doesn’t have water because I learned how much of a PITA it is to winterize!

shower5 copy

9.96    hand held massaging shower head with 60″ hose

7.53    diverter for instant on and off

?          3/4″ female to 1/2″ male hose fitting

4.95    water thief (I couldn’t figure out what size the sink threads were, and I had it.)

2.00    8 washers and nuts for eye bolts

2.00    4 eye bolts

8.99    shower curtain

8.99    shower curtain

4.94    58 Qt Sterilite box for shower pan and lid for curtain support

2.49    faucet hole cover (drilled out for drainage)

7.99    60″ white vinyl shower hose

?          2 aluminum shock corded tent poles (I already had)

?          various PVC pipes and connectors I already had for base frame

1.49    1/2″ dowel to raise the height inside the PVC risers




Potty Box (Pretty Personal Revelations) August 7, 2015

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I never wanted a “PortaPotty” so ATC built my couch with as much storage as possible. I was using a small pitcher and Reliance Poo Powder, but squatting over it became problematic.


I am discovering I am not as young as I used to be. So I bought a tote at Wal-Mart and cut a hole in the top. It is a comfortable seating height. I use a larger pitcher, lined with a baggie inside. The latches of the box keep things securely aligned.

Potty box inside Potty box

I couldn’t find any Poo Powder although I stopped at nearly every Wal-Mart, Fred Meyers, Cabella’s, Big 5 and Bass Pro from Seattle to Sacramento. I thought about using a diaper since that is legal to put in any trashcan. I decided to use the adult incontinence pads – Maximum flow. It fits in the baggie lined (Glad Twist Tie Gallon) pitcher well and contains the overnight amount needed for me. The rest of the box is filled with extra Lynx Lifters freeing up other storage areas and keeping the box lightweight and plastic in case of spillage. It fits perfectly in the space next to the ice chest and cook kit or in my aisle.

side load 1privacy curtain

Also, I started using a Bali Scarf as my rear curtain. Two small binder clips on the aluminum frame of the lifter panel keep it up.

And I installed a paper towel holder. Two pieces of hook velcro with a mini grommet punched in it. Then string a shoestring through the grommets and the roll. It hangs on the fuzzy side of the velcro installed by ATC for the All Weather Pack. I can move it to many places in the rig based on need.

IMG_2215Turtle and towels

Edit after one year of use: I rarely ever use the incontinence supplies any more. I found if you are close enough to civilization for a trash can, you are probably close enough for at least a porta-potty. I still use the bag within the pitcher inside the box with a lid system, but just bag up the liquid on a daily basis. I knot it and carry it out in a nylon dry bag with a small folding scissors and a small zip lock baggie into the rest room. I cut the bag carefully above the liquid below the knot at least an inch leaving a handle at the knot, grab the opposite lower corner, tilt it diagonally to drain, put the empty disgusting baggie into the zip sandwich baggie and zip it. Place that into the trash. By using a dark colored dry bag, the kind you roll the top on and clip the sides together forming a handle, no one can see in. It looks a little like a purse. I then roll the dry bag up with the scissors inside and put it in my pocket. Needless to say is it a dry bag dedicated to only that purpose.

In a year, I have never needed to do #2. That will be another adventure.

I also just noticed the turtle stool. It worked great, but we needed it for another purpose around the house. I grabbed a six pack mini ice chest that we had. It is the perfect size, the top is a bit “spongier” feeling but supportive enough. And it is much easier to put stuff in than slipping it under the stool. Plus the side legs of the stool slipped into the crack of the couch and the ice chest doesn’t. Plus if I want to take a picnic lunch…