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Subaru Outback traveling, ATC Bobcat on Tacoma in the past

Expensive Day June 10, 2015

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Monday was expensive.


Well, I doctored up this photo to have red and green arrows, but somehow couldn’t get it to upload to WordPress at all. So the original will have to do.

The yellow arrow (to the left of the license plate) is where the airbag manual fill nozzles come out. Of course we sprung for the onboard compressors with the remote to use from inside the truck. Nothing but the best for us. Truck rides a little rougher without the camper on, but not terribly so.

The red arrow (to the right of the license plate) is where we had the rear view camera mounted on the bumper so that the tailgate removal/installation is less complicated. It views straight out instead of downward like before, so the red line in the display is not accurate anymore, but it is still very useful.

I still want to see if we can get the rear view camera to work independent of being in reverse, but that isn’t necessary right from the get go on the camper.

So the yellow arrow was just a hair over 1,000, and the red arrow was $160.00. The E-rated tires were $700 but that is the extent of the pre-camper preparations.


weighing things May 16, 2015

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Like I said, the Tacoma is a little bit of a wimpy truck. I had some free time and was gathering things to go in the shell. So I weighed them all. Yikes! it adds up fast. The ironing board is 9 pounds, but that is significantly less than the 20 pounds for the 4’x2′ plastic table I also want to take. A 3 gal. water bottle full was 25 pounds and the 4 pound propane canister is 15.5 with all the metal around the propane (kind of a necessary part, but still…) Just looking at bare bones necessities plus two humans (chunky not lean), we are up to 745 pounds. Add 700 or so for the shell itself and we are right at the Tacoma max load carrying capacity. So I guess Firestone Air Bags are going on the suspension soon.

Still haven’t received a call that they are actually building it yet, but it should be soon. Getting hard to be patient. Good thing school is keeping me very busy in the meantime.