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Subaru Outback traveling, ATC Bobcat on Tacoma in the past

Mojave 2016 March 6, 2016

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After Death Valley, I headed south. I was tired of the crowds of flower watchers. I will come back to Death Valley some other time, but it was nuts!

thermometer   IMG_3349

I haven’t been through Baker for thirty years or so. Wow had it changed. Neither of these two “landmarks” were there before. The wacky things they will do to attract tourists.

salt evap   salt crystal

On the road from Amboy Crater to Joshua Tree there are Salt evaporation channels that are the most amazing turquoise color. Not sure what the process is, but it was an interesting view.

JT rig shot   JT view

I camped in Indian Cove Campground. It is in Joshua Tree, but not on the main tourist road. It is between 29 Palms and Joshua Tree, so close to civilization, but the sites are well spaced with rocks between most, so it feels very private, although still in a crowded campground. I am not quite ready to make the break to true boondocking, but the over use of generators may be rapidly pushing me towards it. And there was an annoying drone flying overhead. That was an invasion of privacy and probably illegal as well, but not worth the trouble to protest. I chose a well shaded site, since I arrived at 2:00 and it was warm.

IMG_3371   Jt meal

Even though I was close to civilization, I felt like cooking again, but wanted breakfast for dinner. I hate making that kind of mess in the morning when itchy feet are begging to leave and hit the road. But it is perfect at night. Spent the next two days visiting my parents in Long Beach and a college friend in Ventura. All in all a nice little get away trip. I made the mistake of mentioning to my mother that I wanted to buy a 12V compressor fridge (Engel, ARB or Dometic) but my husband says you can buy an awful lot of bagged ice for what they cost. She asked how much, so I shouldn’t have been surprised the next day when she gave me an envelope with 5 crisp 100 dollar bills. Pushing 60 years old and the parents still spoil me. My husband spoils me too in letting me go without making me feel guilty. He’s just too much of a homebody. I tell everyone the ATC is just perfect for one, you have to be “really close” to fit two in there comfortably.

Safe travels y’all.