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Dometic Fridge March 13, 2016

Dometic in place

So excited, I got my Dometic CF-040AC110 CoolFreeze Gray Refrigerator from Amazon, through Camper’s Paradise for $539.00. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) It was a good price and didn’t have shipping or taxes added to it. I ordered it on March 8 and it arrived on March 11. I live in a rural area that takes an extra day or two to get anything from UPS or Fedex. So I was very pleased with the delivery time. The 35 and the 40 both take up the same footprint, and since they were the same price, I went for the larger, taller unit. It is a good thing that the lid comes off, because it wouldn’t lift fully with the camper top down.

Dometic lid lift

I used footman’s loops and web strapping to secure it. For now I only put two straps on and it seems to be holding, but I will have to see what happens fully loaded and on rough roads. I may put in an L bracket on the front edge to keep it from sliding.

Dometic strap down     Dometic strap close

It sure came down to the set temperature quickly. I put the external sensor from my thermometer into the fridge to see what it was running. There is quite a difference between what the external thermometer says and the digital readout of the unit. But I will know better when I test it with real food. It is also very quiet when running, shouldn’t effect my sleep at all.

I did put two of the Crystal Geyser 1 gallon jugs in, just to see. I haven’t really got a good place to store them and I like chilled water much better than lukewarm. They fit side by side well, but I don’t think 4 would fit. Oh, look, it does! No room for anything else though. (Where are the emoticons when you need them.) Insert “grin” here.

Dometic 2 gallons     IMG_3410

I really debated where to place it. I wanted to be able to access it from the ground, so I am chancing that the heater (which is right under it, behind the step stool) won’t interfere. This also places the weight pretty far back, but we will see. The provided cord reached the 12V socket, just barely. And there is still room for my ironing board and Thermarest pad to ride back there.

Dometic cord stretch

If it hadn’t, I would have been forced to put it at the other end of the bench, putting the weight directly over the wheels. It may still end up there, but for now I am pleased. The handle also nicely solved the problem I was having of things shifting and hitting the switches for the external LED flood lights and amber porch light.

Full view     Dometic switches

I also pulled a few things out of the couch storage that I haven’t used. No reason to keep carting junk around. And it made room for two more gallons of water in front of the battery and all the kitchen stuff to be consolidated at the back end, for ground access. Adaptations based on last week’s trip.

Anyone know how to store a cast iron pan so that it doesn’t rust? I am not a cast iron newbie. I “understand” seasoning.  I’ve been using it in the house for years, but in the camper I am already having trouble.

Edit: I liked the way the water bottles fit in so I cut the top off and use them as organizers in the Dometic fridge.