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Napa Valley 3 March 5, 2018

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I followed the Russian River from Guerneville to Jenner. Just north on One there is a great overlook that often has harbor seals. There were many beached, but no babies yet. I had just seen a Blue Planet II that showed sea lions forcing tuna into the shallows to hunt in the Galapagos. The water was too muddy, but I could see seals going after something in the cul-de-sac. Someone knowledgeable nearby said they were going after the Steelhead salmon coming back to spawn. There was also a Great Blue Heron who got quite agitated when a second GBH came into his territory. They made several loop-di-loos that made my day. Egrets and herons are my favorite birds. I also saw a raptor catch a sizable fish and fly right past me and over my head with it. Great day!

I planned to go to Bodega Bay, but 8 miles before it I pulled into Wright’s Beach to see if they had camping. I got a nice site, and I think it will be less hectic than Bodega Bay. I made myself a hot dog for lunch, the first cooking of the trip, but it was finally warm and dry enough to be out. Then I went to the beach and painted for a while. I am no Milt (for my WTW friends) but I enjoy it.

I went down the coast to Bodega Bay. Isn’t California beautiful?

I had an awesome shrimp and chips dinner, then headed back. My site was too shady, so I parked in day use and half lifted the lid to maximize sun on the solar panels. I got lots of comments. This rig really is a man magnet. I am surprised my husband lets me go alone. But he trusts me.

Tomorrow I will head straight home. But it was a well needed rejuvenation. Too bad it rained so much.


Napa Valley 2

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Took the Silverado Trail up to Calistoga for my reservation at Bothe-Napa Valley State Park. But that’s two hours max.┬áThe Calistoga Bottled Water company has a nice iron sculpture out front. I liked the dog.

There is a wine train at the historical station. This is the third one I have run across with the same paint scheme, Reno & ?

I finally found a safe place to pull over and photograph the mustard plants. They are so pretty. Got some good shots of my baby, too.

This was the second day on my way to Cloverdale. It was my favorite house in the Valley. I looped up and was planning on taking Geysers Road back, but when I got there it said locals only and was a very washed out gravel road. Because of the recent and ongoing rain, I decided to forgo that and double back, something I hate to do, but wisdom prevailed again.

I spent quite a bit of time wandering around the cemetery in Calistoga. I don’t know any of the history but it always interesting to see what time has done. The rains made all the mosses green and perky and the drippy Spanish moss made everything spooky.

I decided to forego the $15 to see the California Old Faithful geyser, one of only three regularly spouting in the world. They had plenty of pictures to show and it didn’t look all that impressive. If I ever get to the one in New Zealand, I will come back to round out my collection. There were these steaming pools nearby. I bet on a hot summer day you would never know they were there, but the cold air tattled on them.

This may not show it, but there was snow on the hills just above Calistoga. Made me glad I was missing the stuff at home. Probably two feet at the old house, but none at the new. So glad we moved!

The Internet doesn’t tell you how level the sites are, and Friday night with the rain I didn’t want to put Lynx blocks out to level the very sloping number 4. The campground host let me change to #5, but in the morning I had a note saying someone was coming in for Saturday night. So I cruised the park for flat sites and changed it up at the reservation kiosk. Number 41 was very nice with the creek behind me.

I have found a way to pack my wooden stool inside that solves my biggest issue with it. It was always in the way in the aisle. A good strong bungie cord keeps it in place. I have a D ring mounted on the bed rail. The clear boxes on the left are working out well with velcro on the bottom. I can bring them in the kitchen, load them up and then take them out to put in place.


Napa Valley 2018 March 3, 2018

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What is it about my schedule that seems to coordinate with the rain? But since they were predicting very low snow in the Sierras I figured it would be better to go anyways.

I had reservations for Friday and Saturday night at Bothe Napa. My Wander the West friends seem to like it. I got a little bit of a late start on Wednesday, hoping to hit Anthony Chabot above Oakland, but they had signs posted Only reservations allowed. I guess they don’t want to staff an entry kiosk so online works for them. But I didn’t have a reservation. So I started heading towards Napa. I used my Ultimate Campground app (love that thing $5) I figured I could use Benicia or China Camp EnRoute camping but $35 for nothing but a flat place to park bothers me. They also have rules about self contained that depending on the personnel I run into can be challenging. I don’t cook or use water, my porta potty goes into a regular bathroom whenever I run across one. But sometimes they get picky.

I ended up at Skyline Park just out of Napa. I didn’t get a picture because of the rain but I had the dry camp to myself for two nights. $25 a night isn’t cheap, but beats a hotel around here by a long shot. The ladies in the kiosk were so friendly and nice. I got two great restaurant recommendations.

Then I just drove around. Found many examples of the fire last fall but the rain has made lots of green grass. The mustard in the vineyards was beautiful. I drove over to Sonoma to see the Mission.

My lunch stop was not as scenic as usual, but I left it too late, shopping, and went to a park.

It was obvious why the fire got out of hand. Some of these roads were quite narrow and obviously overgrown before the fire.

Then I drove up the valley to Calistoga for Friday night. I got rained on off and on. There was no cell service in the campground so I hung out in the library for the afternoon.

These backroads are sure beautiful.