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Solar Happy Dance July 10, 2016

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It was a long stretch between panel arrival to installation, but we finally have juice. My poor husband had to work in tight quarters, and we put it off the week the temps were hovering around 100.


I had purchased the 40 foot extension cord intending to cut it in half and use the cut ends with the plug that ATC provided when we ordered the Solar wiring package. But I was overruled. Warren wanted to buy 2 twenty footers (another delay). The beauty of his idea is I can use the 2 twenty footers normally and if I need 40 foot, the two cables can be connected to make a 40 footer to go with the one I bought (you need two cables +/- from the panel to the rig).

Here is my idea for support legs to angle the panel for morning and evening operation. I am using three pieces of PVC pipe and 2 90 degree elbows to make a large U shape. I made 2 elastic bands with round elastic and large buttons. The loop is the same size as the pipe. The panel has holes in the back of the frame. The loop goes through those holes and the button keeps it from going all the way through. Then the pipe gets threaded through the loops supporting the bottom of the U, which is really the top of the support. The bottom of the pipes have tie wrap loops to stake it down. I haven’t glued the PVC together so I can take it apart for transit. This is totally untested, but you have to start somewhere.

IMG_3884    IMG_3878

IMG_3880     IMG_3881IMG_3883

Warren was concerned about the weight of the cables pulling on the butt connectors between the Renogy cables and the connector provided by ATC. So he rigged up a carabiner on the Jack mount point. Then two old fashioned bungee hooks that take the weight off  everything above that. That way if anyone trips over the cables, they won’t yank the whole thing out either. Gotta love that clever man.