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Clark Fork (Not Clark’s) Highway 108 August 15, 2016

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I had never noticed that it is not possessive. It is almost hard to say it without the s on the end. Anyway, I needed a quick get away in my  C.O.W. (Cabin on Wheels) to escape the heat. This summer had a series of trips with family and friends that didn’t involve using the camper. I did enjoy pup tent camping again when we went to Arkansas, but the ground got pretty old after just a few days, even with the 3.5″ REI pad. I like the creature comforts that the camper provides.


This was the first trip that used the solar panel, even though I probably could have gotten away without it for just the one night. I devised a good transport system. The Tacoma has loops on the seat bottoms to lift for storage underneath. I hooked a bungie through this loop and then up around the pole for the headrest. It didn’t budge at all.

28375220773_9d49bfbc0c_n      28375211973_a72d380054_n

I had forgotten that Clark Fork has more than the usual campground cacophony. In addition to the college kids up late laughing around the campfire, there was a herd of cattle in the adjoining meadow with cow bells. They all have a similar pitch, but with slight variations. Loud near sundown, but settling down to faint all night. Actually it is kind of relaxing.

I went in to check out a new campground I heard about near Beardsley Reservoir. I almost don’t want to share since it is such a gem. TeleLi puLaya (Black Oak) has 20 sites and opened in 2014. Several of the sites sit right on the edge of the canyon and have fabulous views. I didn’t get pictures, but the weblink has nice ones. I also checked out the Beardsley campground across the dam, but they are pretty crammed together and don’t have lake access, not my style. But since I was down there I headed over to the day use area and had a picnic lunch and read my book for a while. Lots of families enjoying the lake, but way calmer than Pinecrest would have been. I refuse to go to Pinecrest between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

28375231343_0058e4d21a_n     28959710596_c4ecef3a0b_n

One full year of retirement and owning my ATC Bobcat. As my friends get ready to begin another year, I sure don’t miss the stress I see in their faces. I am looking forward to the start of the school year so the campgrounds will be quiet and available again.


Overdue post Strawberry Festival June 28, 2016

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I wasn’t going to do this because I didn’t get a picture of the actual camp, but I have so few readers, that when one makes a special request, I feel obligated to comply. Here’s to you, Ski3pin, wish I knew your real name.

IMG_3627   IMG_3629

As a Tuolumne County resident, it pains me that the Festival isn’t at Evergreen – Camp Mather anymore due to the Rim Fire, but if you have to move, the Nevada County Fairgrounds is a pretty nice substitute. Their trees are in much better shape than ours. Bark Beetle is doing a number on the foothills.


I also go to a festival in Canso, Nova Scotia (five times in 9 years – crazy, but true) and have seen Dave Gunning every time. So when he was at Millpond last year and Strawberry this year, I had to go and cheer for the guy. He has really developed as a performer.


I also like to support the locals that I know. Cynthia Restivo (here) and BZ Smith are amazing storytellers. BZ’s story at the Sunday Revival was charming, a metaphor for the changes that Strawberry has endured in recent years. It was well received. Below is the Revival crowd.

IMG_3638   IMG_3639

Like I said, I somehow didn’t get a picture of the campsite. They really pack them in. I had to claim two sites since my friend was driving up from L.A. I found a level spot for her tent, and used my Lynx levelers to create a level place for me. The only problem was the two year old next door. He woke up crying every morning, but other than that, they were a charming family.

Parking for 4 days was a test of the refrigerator’s draining the battery. It only lasted a day and a half, and running the truck for 20 minutes didn’t help much. So I came home and bought a Renogy Solar panel online. Now the fun starts trying to decide how to set it up. Portable or fixed mount? Hmmm…


Little 395 trip September 28, 2015

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I love going to the Millpond Music Festival in Bishop every year. This year I decided to camp there since I had the rig. IMG_2360 IMG_2361

I left a couple days early and stayed at Robinson Creek, near Twin Lakes, just outside of Bridgeport. I enjoyed poking in to each of the canyons, Virginia, Lundy, and stayed at Oh Ridge on June Lake Loop. I wasn’t good at taking pictures.

At the festival, I forgot to take pictures of the site. It was stacked like cordwood. It was different to be sharing the rig with another person. I thought we could both be on the queen bed, but she said she would feel claustrophobic up there. She tried the couch but felt like she was going to break it, and so she ended up sleeping on the floor. A little crowded in the aisle, but she liked it best.

I loved seeing my favorite Canadian artists, Dave Gunning and David Myles, who both rocked the house. The nicest surprise was Cafe Musique from San Luis Obispo. They were AMAZING!


Then I crossed back over 120 to take a watercolor class in Yosemite. It was a perfect week, much less smokey than expected. The little storm we had the week before cleared out the smoke from the Butte and Rough fires. I was planning to stay with my nephew who was in Yosemite camping for the week. He had threatened to cancel due to smoke, so I got on and found a site for the single night I needed. I guess other people got scared off by the smoke, too. But he ended up going with some buds. It was nice of him to invite his aged auntie to dinner. He cooked a BBQ tri-tip on the pathetic grill provided, and mashed potatoes. Good job Tony!

I will confess, twice I drove off without latching the 6 latches. I guess I am getting careless. Both times I realized it within a mile and wasn’t going very fast, but it is scary to pull over and see that your front has lifted up from the air pressure. I almost went over Sonora Pass that way. I need to come up with a reminder system so I don’t do that again. Something like the key ring I put around the propane tank valve that I take off when I open it. I put the key ring on the gear shift so I notice it before driving off and close the valve.