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Subaru Outback traveling, ATC Bobcat on Tacoma in the past

Capitola week November 6, 2015

I took a little beach break last week and stayed at New Brighton State Beach near Capitola. The sites are pretty open and not very private so I pretty much rolled out of bed each morning, shut her up and took off for interesting places, usually pulling back in after dark. I LOVE how easy it is to set up the ATC. Pop six latches and lift twice.

Since I had the hang tag for a state beach, other parks let me in the gate for free and I used the opportunity to check out every little state beach and park I have never been in before. I drove down Highway 1 to Lucia because I wanted to check out Kirk Creek Campground that everyone raves about. It was pretty nice, but it seems it is now on a reservation system, not first come, first served like I had been led to believe. I took pictures of my favorite sites for future reference. The coast line was fabulous, but the weather was not the best. I was trying to beat the rain, but it was building up in the skies.

hwy 1

One of my absolute most favorite places is Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. The gorgeous cove with a tiny waterfall is spectacular. Good to see it still had water even after the drought.

julia perfectjulia selfie

My Bobcat patiently waiting my return from interesting places.

julia waiitnghwy 1 waiting

So even though I brought the full cooking kit, I found too many wonderful reasons not to cook. The fruit stands were still open and the fried artichoke hearts were heavenly. Zelda’s on the beach in Capitola has a $13.95 lobster night on Thursdays. Yumm.

food festCapitola dinner

I spent lots of time just soaking in the sound of the waves. I could hear it from the campground at night, but could also hear the freeway and sirens. Mixed blessing of camping so close to civilization. It rained as expected the one night and I loved the sound of it pitter-pattering on the aluminum roof. The Santa Cruz kids were having a little pre-Halloween fun with their surfing idol.

santa Cruz wavesIMG_2438

I have gotten things fairly well stowed by now. I learned if I move the Action Packer back farther on the bench it is corralled from sliding off by the step stool that I have velcroed in place near the back door, and if I keep a small box by the back wall it keeps the lights from being accidentally turned on. I made a vlecro strap that keeps the ice chest from sliding too much.

action packer spot little box to separateice chest strapped in

The greatest tool has been a strip of hook velcro with a hole punched in it, and a shoelace threaded through. I then use those to tie the various “pseudofabric grocery bags” that I pack in so they don’t tip. ATC put a strip of fuzzy velcro all around the top for their “cold weather pack” but since I didn’t get that, I have found other uses for it.

attach pointsbags tied up

I used to keep the folding chair on the little shelf under the window, but have discovered it works better on a trip to line up the bags of food and clothing instead, less shuffling around once I arrive. The couch has enough of a lip on it that it keeps the bags in place. I bought a bungie cord to keep the folding chair on the couch in transit.  I just ran the bungee under the support for the couch, it’s not attached, but works. The chair still rides up on the shelf when I am not on a trip though.

chair on couchbungee under support bar

And I discovered it fits well vertically in the back corner once I am popped up. Perfect for rainy nights when I don’t want it getting wet or stolen (it is a Strongback and those things aren’t cheap, but worth every penny).

chair tied up

I also got my potty box and stove strapped up against the wall so they don’t slide around. stove strapped inPB strapped in

I saw my first ATC sighting while driving my ATC at the entrance to New Brighton. I waved but didn’t get a response. They couldn’t have been WTWer’s or I know they would have been more friendly. That reminds me, I have to put on my WTW decal so others will know a kindred spirit when they see it.


Potty Box (Pretty Personal Revelations) August 7, 2015

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I never wanted a “PortaPotty” so ATC built my couch with as much storage as possible. I was using a small pitcher and Reliance Poo Powder, but squatting over it became problematic.


I am discovering I am not as young as I used to be. So I bought a tote at Wal-Mart and cut a hole in the top. It is a comfortable seating height. I use a larger pitcher, lined with a baggie inside. The latches of the box keep things securely aligned.

Potty box inside Potty box

I couldn’t find any Poo Powder although I stopped at nearly every Wal-Mart, Fred Meyers, Cabella’s, Big 5 and Bass Pro from Seattle to Sacramento. I thought about using a diaper since that is legal to put in any trashcan. I decided to use the adult incontinence pads – Maximum flow. It fits in the baggie lined (Glad Twist Tie Gallon) pitcher well and contains the overnight amount needed for me. The rest of the box is filled with extra Lynx Lifters freeing up other storage areas and keeping the box lightweight and plastic in case of spillage. It fits perfectly in the space next to the ice chest and cook kit or in my aisle.

side load 1privacy curtain

Also, I started using a Bali Scarf as my rear curtain. Two small binder clips on the aluminum frame of the lifter panel keep it up.

And I installed a paper towel holder. Two pieces of hook velcro with a mini grommet punched in it. Then string a shoestring through the grommets and the roll. It hangs on the fuzzy side of the velcro installed by ATC for the All Weather Pack. I can move it to many places in the rig based on need.

IMG_2215Turtle and towels

Edit after one year of use: I rarely ever use the incontinence supplies any more. I found if you are close enough to civilization for a trash can, you are probably close enough for at least a porta-potty. I still use the bag within the pitcher inside the box with a lid system, but just bag up the liquid on a daily basis. I knot it and carry it out in a nylon dry bag with a small folding scissors and a small zip lock baggie into the rest room. I cut the bag carefully above the liquid below the knot at least an inch leaving a handle at the knot, grab the opposite lower corner, tilt it diagonally to drain, put the empty disgusting baggie into the zip sandwich baggie and zip it. Place that into the trash. By using a dark colored dry bag, the kind you roll the top on and clip the sides together forming a handle, no one can see in. It looks a little like a purse. I then roll the dry bag up with the scissors inside and put it in my pocket. Needless to say is it a dry bag dedicated to only that purpose.

In a year, I have never needed to do #2. That will be another adventure.

I also just noticed the turtle stool. It worked great, but we needed it for another purpose around the house. I grabbed a six pack mini ice chest that we had. It is the perfect size, the top is a bit “spongier” feeling but supportive enough. And it is much easier to put stuff in than slipping it under the stool. Plus the side legs of the stool slipped into the crack of the couch and the ice chest doesn’t. Plus if I want to take a picnic lunch…


Overdue Posting June 29, 2015

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I can’t believe it has been 2 weeks since we picked up the Bobcat. I have been having a blast figuring out where and how to put things in.


I found a nice fabric for the curtains and have been sewing up a storm. I am using Command hooks to mount them, but the hot temperatures have meant the mini-hooks aren’t sticking as well as I would like. I had to switch to the larger hooks with more contact surface, but if that won’t hold I will have to put in cup hooks. I am trying not to make any “permanent wounds” in the Bobcat. The hardest window was the one in the rear door. It is plastic with a rounded frame. No way to wedge something in there. This morning it dawned on me how I could deal with it. This has not been field tested, so it may not work, but I used super strong, tiny round magnets in the curtain and “sandwich” the screen door with a second magnet.
As I think about it, I think I will put it on so that the curtain itself is between the screen door and the solid door. This will only go up in crowded campgrounds, so not often.

I am discovering that velcro will be my best friend. I am carrying a Strongback chair on the little shelf under the side window. Since it is covered with carpeting, the velcro sticks, and keeps the chair from sliding around.
a chair strapped
And I found a step stool that works well for $70. I wanted a hitch mounted step, but the Otto step for dogs seemed a little too flimsy for us. Again, I mounted it just inside the door with a strip of velcro to hold it in place. Notice the ironing board on top of the pad. It is the perfect table solution for us, works well in the aisle, and can be taken outside to use also. step outa stool stowed
I found boxes and containers for all the cubbies. I find it easier to keep things organized when you can pull it out and rummage through. You lose a little space, but it is worth it. The white ones are available everywhere and the blue ones are cheapies from 99 cent store. The folded curtains fit nicely in that little space on top of the blue boxes.
a blue lefta blue righta white lefta white right
I also must not neglect to thank the guys at All Terrain Campers. They made the whole purchase procedure extremely easy. The camper is everything I hoped it would be. It drives like a dream on the Tacoma. I can feel it a little on hills, but not too much. And the visiblility is much better than I expected. It really doesn’t hang over the sides and back more than a few inches. It is a well built piece of equipment that should provide many wonderful hours of traveling.