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Subaru Outback traveling, ATC Bobcat on Tacoma in the past

Another aborted trip November 20, 2018

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I have so little to share that it almost isn’t worth it, but I use this blog as a memory keeping aid so here goes.

I offered to drive halfway to Seattle to return my sister-in-law’s dogs that we had been watching while they moved. Since I was headed through Sacramento and couldn’t find a deep cycle AGM battery anywhere in my small community, I emailed ATC about it. They said come on by. I cannot possibly say enough good things about the service this small factory does in aftermarket assistance. Most companies wash their hands of you once they’ve got your money. These guys go above and beyond. Quick in and out replacement. Once again very glad my policy is to maintain a clear aisle at all times. Didn’t have to move anything but the couch cushion to make the repair.

I got a site at Valley of the Rogue again. Not exciting but predictable. We spent a wonderful evening in their motel room catching up.

The next morning, I started heading down 199 to begin my coastal vacation down highway one. But I got a message from my mother that I needed to come home to Long Beach. My dad has stage four lung cancer. So I powered my way down highway 5 instead.

I have never seen so little snow on Mount Shasta. California will be in bad shape if we don’t get rain soon. And the smoke from Redding to Stockton was horrible because of the Camp fire that destroyed Paradise last week.

I was fine driving the full 12 hours although it is a boring road even in daylight, but I got a call from my husband worried about me. He thought I was letting my worry cloud my judgment (he didn’t know I was totally enjoying a book on CD). He asked me to pull over at the next hotel. I was on I5 just south of Bakersfield, the black hole of nothingness. I promised him I would (not too nicely, either). Imagine my surprise when the next exit had a little brown recreation sign with camping. It said four miles to Buena Vista Lake. I was lucky to find a lakeside site at 9:00 pm on a Saturday two hours from Los Angeles. I am a Christian so I don’t call it luck but Divine providence. I popped up and got a good nights sleep. Until 3:30 when the propane ran out. It made some different clicking noises trying to light the furnace. So I got up and drove the rest of the way “home”.

I will use the camper in my parents driveway since there are not enough beds for everybody. Yes, I have time to create this blog entry while sitting at the hospital. It takes forever to get discharged. But praise the Lord they are letting him come home.


Church parking lot May 22, 2016

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Does it count as camping if all you do is pop up in a parking lot? Our church does a big yard sale every year to raise money for an orphanage in Quito, Ecuador. They wanted someone to stay overnight and “guard the goods”, although it is all pretty worthless. (But we did raise $22, 000, so it must not have been too worthless.) We had two entrances to block this year and so the Big RV blocked the main entrance and my little truck ATC blocked the interior entrance. I love my rig and slept like a baby, except that the road the church is on is very busy since they put in a tribal casino down the road.

At 5:00 a.m. my heater started making a whining noise that woke me up because it was different. Then my CO detector started chirping once a minute, flashing red lights. I got up and threw open the door for fresh air ASAP, and the chirping stopped. But by that point I was way past falling asleep again.

Next weekend I am planning to camp at the Strawberry Music Festival in Nevada City. I am wondering if I should try to swing by ATC before then. I have an e-mail in to them to get their take on it. I don’t want to take the time to do that (missing out on festival time) if not necessary, but I don’t want to risk not being able to use the heater for 4 nights either. (What a wimp-I used to camp out on the cold, hard ground.)

Edit: ATC did a complete check-up of the propane heater system. They have an interesting tool to measure gases. They even soaped up one questionable joint, but nothing wrong. At Strawberry when the battery got low it exhibited the same symptoms, so I am sure it is battery related, not propane. I think as the electricity got lower, the rotational speed of the fan changed and that would change the pitch. But once again, ATC really went above and beyond. They stand behind their products long after the sale is completed.