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It’s ready! June 5, 2015

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Called ATC today to ask when we could pick it up, and they said it was two hours from done. But because of house guests, car service and a colonoscopy, we can’t pick it up for a week. Patience Brenda, patience.

I have been collecting things for the cook kit, but am trying to weed down to necessities due to the weight factor. Especially my first big trip to Washington with 400 pounds of teaching books for Katrina, I am going to have to pare down considerably. But alone, and moving frequently, I won’t be doing the same destination camping that Warren likes. In fact, I would be content with cereal for breakfast, eat a decent meal for lunch and then snack for dinner.


Got the call! May 30, 2015

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ATC called on Wednesday to say it was in production. Yipee! Should be able to pick it up between June 5-10. Awesome. But so many other things to do before then. Air bags installed, Insurance called, tailgate and Backflip lid (which I love by the way) off, weigh the truck, move the rearview camera to the bumper, not to mention the last three days of school forever and all that entails. Looking forward to a new adventure.


weighing things May 16, 2015

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Like I said, the Tacoma is a little bit of a wimpy truck. I had some free time and was gathering things to go in the shell. So I weighed them all. Yikes! it adds up fast. The ironing board is 9 pounds, but that is significantly less than the 20 pounds for the 4’x2′ plastic table I also want to take. A 3 gal. water bottle full was 25 pounds and the 4 pound propane canister is 15.5 with all the metal around the propane (kind of a necessary part, but still…) Just looking at bare bones necessities plus two humans (chunky not lean), we are up to 745 pounds. Add 700 or so for the shell itself and we are right at the Tacoma max load carrying capacity. So I guess Firestone Air Bags are going on the suspension soon.

Still haven’t received a call that they are actually building it yet, but it should be soon. Getting hard to be patient. Good thing school is keeping me very busy in the meantime.