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Fan modification June 27, 2016

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My husband is such a champ! I found a thread on Wander the west about buying a part from China to change the fan settings on the factory installed Fantastic Fan.

So I bought the part (the larger one suggested later in the thread) without asking him if he could do it. The part was dirt cheap, so it wasn’t going to bother me if he said no. But he dug in and did it. Not without some grumbling, but at least no cursing (not that he ever does). The bigger part almost didn’t fit but we finally found a way that involved putting the wires in opposite of the logical direction. My job was the hot gluing. He blew a fuse and didn’t realize it, so it took him longer than expected to figure out the wiring, but he did. It works so well!

Now I have fully adjustable speed control down to a slow, silent spin. That was my complaint, even the lowest factory setting was too fast and loud.

Next he gets to install the Renogy solar panel I bought. ATC did the solar wiring package, but there is still the matter of installing the controller and connecting to the battery.

Like I said, what a champ!