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Couch modification May 6, 2017

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I have not liked the legs ATC put on my couch back to create the lower sleeping platform since day one. It didn’t feel secure and the brackets were cutting into the carpet they installed. True it was hidden by said couch back, but it still bugged me. It also didn’t allow the couch back to lean back into a comfortable recline angle. It was too vertical. So I pondered, and came up with a possible solution for me at least. I have a Sterlite box with latches that was the exact right height, if I bought two or three more, they might support the overhang. So off to Wal-Mart.

These boxes also ride well on the windowsill lip behind the couch. I placed a little sticky backed Velcro on the bottom of the boxes to keep them from sliding around up there. The plan is to travel with them up there, but if I want to sleep with the top latched down (stealth mode), I can flip the boxes over and place them in the aisle. The same Velcro should help the couch back stick to the boxes and not slide around. It still leaves a little bit of an aisle, and widens the cramped feeling on the bed because things are no longer riding on that windowsill.

I only bought two so far and put food in one and some assorted clutter in the other. Then there is a third one that I currently use as my portapottie which is strapped into the aisle at the front. I don’t think I will be able to use it for that purpose in stealth mode because the aisle is so cramped, but it will help support the extended bed.

I took the folding legs off but will keep them and the screws handy in case this doesn’t work. Stealth mode isn’t actually something I plan to do often, but it is nice to have options.
boxes on bench    IMG_6389   IMG_6388   IMG_6394 IMG_6397    IMG_6396

I also got a picture of my writing desk. I use the folding table with the ice chest on top. It puts it at the right level for writing, painting or drawing. It fits in the aisle. The ironing board is too cumbersome to deploy unless necessary (like rain, etc.)

.writing desk

I just got back from a quick trip down the coast. Sunset at Morro Bay was beautiful.

Morro Bay sunset

At Carpenteria State Beach I spent a half an hour watching a Great Blue Heron in the campground catching gophers. He was quite good at it. It took only three flicks to get the prey lined up correctly to slide down the gullet. I watched him catch at least four.

heron hunting

I enjoyed lunch in Ojai at a park all to myself. It always amazes me how people congregate in certain areas and are nowhere to be found in others.

Ojai lunch

I needed the get away to prepare for our upcoming move. We didn’t get the house I hinted about a few months ago, but got one that is better! The garage is also high enough for the camper/Tacoma combo, but it will be several months before it is clean and organized enough for one car much less two. So at the end of the month things will be pretty hectic.

I also enjoyed the roof mounted solar. When I was at ATC recently, I asked them to mount the panel on the roof. It is wonderful not to have to schlep it around, lock it up, worry about tearing the upholstery when sliding it in and out of the back seat, scratching it somehow. I loved the portable solar but the permanently mounted is ten times better. If I stop at an attraction for a few hours it continues to charge, so even if I didn’t drive around all day, I am good to go for the evening. It did make lifting the lid a bit heavier, even with the external shocks. Remember, I am a wimpy 60 year old woman. If I can do it anyone can.


Morro Bay January 20, 2016

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Now this is why I travel!

IMG_2807   HC me

Just a little trip to Morro Bay, Hearst Castle and Pinnacles. The Elephant Seals were birthing pups, and they squeal and whine for milk. The bulls are guarding their territories, but I didn’t see any true clashes.

e seals lots e seals


The weather waffled between sunny and warm to foggy and rainy. Most of the time it rained at night, and again I enjoyed the pitter patter on the roof. The surf on the breakwater was booming because of the storm. I am enjoying off season travel.

Morro waves   Morro sun

I gave a tour of my rig to a couple who were interested in the ATC. My friend reminded me I stalked people for years before buying my own, so I guess it is payback.

IMG_2809   IMG_2810

This trip I learned if I clip the front curtain to the thermostat it keeps just enough tension on the hook that I don’t have to squeeze my hand between the propane box and the front wall trying to get it on the Command hook. I also used the heater each night and there was a lot of condensation. So next trip I am going to bring my 40 year old Thermorest pad to use as a “headboard”. I was using my down jacket around my hand to keep it warm. But it got pretty wet.